Jennifer Cox

Jennifer grew up in southern Spain, studied Documentary and Film in the UK, and currently calls Austin, Texas her home.

She began taking pictures in her early teens, and since then, storytelling has become central to everything she does, whether it is a film, a music video, or taking a photograph. She splits her time between working as a commercial director, cinematographer and editor, and creating her own projects. She loves being on the move, nature, learning new things, bedroom dancing, and salty liquorice.

Her clients include Adidas, Whole Foods, Dell, Saatchi & Saatchi, Corona, Miss Wasabi, Glamour Magazine, Penguin Books, Taschen, and Hostgator, among others. Her films have been featured in international film festivals and museums, and her photographs have been shown in solo exhibitions in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Nottingham.

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