Gus Carballo

Gus Carballo graduated at The Film Research Center in his native Buenos Aires, Argentina and began his professional career working in Madrid and Barcelona  before making the leap to Miami and Latin America. As one of the most renowned directors in the industry, he has more than 100 films shot around half of the globe while working hand in hand with large multinational companies.

His work is seasoned in a special manner:
“Capturing a portrait of an emotion, and then being able to stir that up in others by giving a little nip into their soul is my goal; I attempt to add a touch of consciousness into my work so viewers can see themselves reflected in it and elicit a bit of restlessness in them.” It’s a recipe simmered with love.

His constant artistic exploration has taken him to experience different creative languages within the audiovisual world, like film, music, fine art and advertising; obtaining recognition and notoriety in each.

His videos have had millions of views, with international awards for “Best Video 2015” such as: 40 Principales España, “MTV Music Awards”, “ Best video 2015” Prize: Fundación Telefónica Spain Internet Day, “Music Awards”(Spain), Florida Movie Festival 2014 (US), St. Albans Fil Festival 2014 (UK), Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2014 (UK), NYC Independent Film Festival 2015 , Frame By Sound Film Festival or Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival.

Gus has directed and developed creative concepts and campaigns for brands such as Fanta, Reebok, El Corte Ingles, Secretary of Spanish Tourism, and Real Madrid. He has collaborated with public figures and celebrities like Ferrán Adrià, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pau Gasol, among many other sport personalities. His advertising campaign for Hotmail “30 days to Woo Julia” received the following awards: “One show 2011” – Merit/ Contagious – Included in the magazine/ “El sol 2011” – Silver in Campaign/ “Inspirationals 2011” – Silver Integrated Campaigns/ “El sol 2012”- Bronze in Websites.

Gus is a member of the artistic collective “ Masalla”, screening audiovisual pieces with social themes in places like Belgium, France, Morocco, Mexico and Los Angeles and was selected for the COP15 “World Climate Change Forum 2015” in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Gus produced and directed two seasons of “ Heineken Urban Beats”, a TV show for MTV specialized in Indie Music. and a season of “ My Festival”, a format which spans all the major international mainstream music festivals.

Gus is exclusively represented by Carbo Films in the U.S. market.