Eivind Holmboe

In the 43 years he’s been on this planet, Eivind Holmboe spent quite a few of them getting in trouble (as a teen) while skateboarding and skiing for even more. He skied moguls on the Norwegian National Team into his 20’s. He traveled a lot, living everywhere from Cape Town, Tokyo, Athens, Milan, New York, and studying advertising at the Academy of Art in SF. Eivind left his studies to go work with David Angelo in LA, when he first opened David & Goliath. After some creative shop hopping (Deutsch, Leo Burnett) he started shooting, and made the move to directing full time at the turn of the millennium.

Eivind has shot a bit for just about everyone… VW, Vodafone, Budweiser, Playstation, Skoda, Corona, Coke, Pepsi, McD’s, BK… For Norwegians, Italians, Americans, Argentinians. He’s garnered Lions, Clios, D&AD’s, and many other accolades. He’s Norwegian, but his home market is Spain, where he has a boutique production company called FISH.

Eivind lives his summers with his Spanish wife, two children and a dog, in a small farmhouse on Ibiza, and spends most of the winters in Chamonix, where you can find him chasing big lines on big mountains.

Eivind is a natural born storyteller; he loves to tell stories. It’s not that he prefers one type of creativity to another; he just prefers good creativity, and loves to solve new and challenging problems with the camera. He always keeps developing a project the whole way through. He’s a hands on director, known to run around, operate camera, and help out in every department. Eivind believes in the soul of a story, and believes this soul is found when passionate people nurture the core idea. And admits that it can be exhausting and fabulous at the same time.

A few years back he did a short film that won 30 festivals around the world and has written a few screenplays, which he is hoping to shoot sometime soon. Eivind is currently in development on a screenplay he wrote for Cort Productions. It is an adaptation of a book called Some Kind Of Fairytale, a psychological thriller about a girl who disappears from her small village, only to return 15 years later with an incredible story about fairies in the forest.

Eivind Holmboe is exclusively represented for the US Hispanic Market by Carbo Films.