Diego Hurtado de Mendoza

Diego Hurtado de Mendoza started his career in filmmaking as a writer and director on documentaries around the world for FABRICA –the Research Center on Communications of Benetton founded by Oliviero Toscani. He documented the creation of a country in “Branding Kosovo” and the relationship of cinema and war in “Welcome to Beirut”.
Upon returning to Spain he started directing commercials for Ford, Nivea, MTV, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España and collaborating in projects with Vice, Vogue, MTV and for the National Ballet of Spain.
His experience in documentary filmmaking give his commercial work a natural feeling of authenticity that he combines with quirky humor and a carefully crafted cinematography.
He is constantly refining these elements to deliver playful and energetic works combined with a powerful aesthetic approach. This growing interest in aethetics has meant that some of his latest works also include a fashion film for Vogue –which have been screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and has been awarded at the Madrid International Film Festival and music videos for international talent with 80 million views on Vevo.